Dusters or as some people call them, Kimono's are in my opinion a wardrobe essential. They are one of those versatile items of clothing that can be dressed up with a pair of high heels or down with trainers/sneakers. I have a couple of Dusters in my wardrobe, and even a maxi dress that I sometimes wear unbuttoned as a Duster.

The one that I am wearing in the pictures below has to be my favourite, and guess what my lovelies? - it's on SALE!!!! I love the array of colours which makes it easy to find accessories to compliment it. Also the pattern is very detailed and fun. It has hummingbirds and is also decorated with various flowers and fauna. There is also a corded tassel belt which allows the wearer to pull in the waist to give more definition. 

What do you think of Dusters/Kimonos? Do you own one?

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