One thing we always keep in mind when creating new looks is Ezra Pound’s century-old statement on how the modernist literarian should approach writing to truly express the modern point of view: “Make it new!”

There’s a fine line between looking effortless and looking like you’re overdoing it when it comes to matching a lot of items. That line, however, becomes thinner when flashy items such as big fur coats and dashing round hats are introduced. You’re suddenly unsure whether what you’re seeing in the mirror is ‘too much’ which is exactly how most of us feel about tagging along with one of the newest rising trends: Kaftan.

Kaftan surely is not a new item of clothing; it has been known to be popular since the Middle Ages where long garments were commonly woven to be worn underneath smaller and more colourful pieces. But as it’s being re-introduced by fashion brands – like Dolce & Gabbana piercing into the luxury scene with elegant looking prints and tulle fabric, while brands like Chanel are keeping it more classy with darker shades and lace – kaftan enters back in the game with a fresh touch. What makes kaftan so appealing is its straight and almost effortless look that does not compromise being stylish. But an effortless look doesn’t always mean the actual lack of effort! Most of us are sometimes a bit clueless about how to pick complementing accessories or shoes to match such a centralised piece.

What we usually do is to focus on layering without fear in those times of hesitation. There are various shapes and kinds of kaftans now; some are long and simple with an everyday kind of look whereas others can be more kimono-like or complex. No matter which model you pick, don’t be afraid to match it with even catchier items. You might consider using a few accessories of the same colours such as these big blue earrings on white-blue prints like we did so that it gives the whole look an edge. Similarly, when faced with more complicated patterns, it’s important to keep in mind that it doesn’t look as flamboyant as it appears to you in first sight, so do not overthink about pairing it with your classic stilettos.

Check out our picks of stylish kaftans in the shop and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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