Summer is coming, we all know how hot the weather in summer is regardless to which country are we in, that’s why summer is always linked to bright and fresh colours and light fabrics.

These three tie-waist dresses will be so perfect for summer styles, when all you need is to wear one item to look fabulous, it’s also suitable for everyday style and for casual styles or for spending a night out with friends, for me I would style it with sneakers for a casual look , slippers for everyday comfy look or high heeled sandal for night out with friends.


For the fabric, it’s a lightweight fabric that drapes softly over the body makes it so easy to move, and perfect in the summer days because of the comfortable fabric.

these floral designed buttoned dress with tied waist are a combination of my top best designs in any piece, the floral design always makes me feel happy as I am a big fan of flowers, in my opinion, flowers means love, peace and hope. The tie in the waist makes it more stylish and trendier as the tied waist is the latest trend for the last few years. for the buttons all over the dress is to make it easier and more comfortable while wearing it

This dress will be for sure in my bag for my summer vacation, and I will style it with a turban, big shoulder bag and slippers











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