I’m sure that many of you reading this post can probably reel off a list of high-end luxury designers that you dream of owning. But alas the eye-watering ticket price conspires to keep you and your dream pieces apart. I too have several designer brands on my bucket list that I know will be right at home in my wardrobe.

One such brand is Rupert Sanderson Shoes, and thanks to Dune I purchased a pair of divine heels from their recent Dune Loves Rupert Sanderson collaboration. The Dune x Sanderson collab was a match made in shoe heaven.  My favourites from the collection are the aptly named Dream Girl with their David Bowie Ziggy Stardust vibe.  They are eye-catching and comfortable with just the right amount of Rock Chic. These beauties also boast both leather lining and sole.

Many luxury designers have collaborated with high street brands, thus making it easier for the everyday fashion lover to acquire their favourite brands. Business of Fashion stated in a recent article that the increase in these collaborations is due in part to the spending power of both the Gen Z and Millenial consumers. They predict that by 2025 they will account for 45% of the global luxury market.

This approach is an impressive way for designers to reach more customers and in turn customers can own a piece of luxury. Making this an all-around “win-win” situation. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

Comment below and let me know which brands are on your fashion radar xx



 Blog by: Laurel Hunter          PC | Modehunter

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