Great news guys, Store WF is having a 30% off their spring/summer collection. . . which means this kimono is on sale! I am loving this gray kimono from Store WF, especially the fuchsia embroidered roses on the shoulders! Embroidery has been a trendy style this past year or so, which made me love this kimono even more.

Store WF offers such a unique and modest collection for every season, and the best part is that their pieces are always up to date on current fashion trends.

The length of the kimono is seriously perfect for a modest look. I decided to pair it with a silky, gray maxi skirt to give it a chic look. If you were wanting to wear it more casual, I would recommend wearing pants to substitute the skirt out.

I would suggest pairing it with red, fuchsia, white, or gray trousers. And if you were wanting a really casual, easy going look, you could pair it with jeans. I did try this kimono on with white skinny jeans and white sneakers and still loved the look. However, I did not feel like that was the way I wanted to wear it for the first time.

In the end, I wore a gray maxi skirt with it because it made the whole outfit look more elegant. The fabric of the kimono is a little heavy so you might get a little hot if you were to wear it on a hot, summer afternoon in Texas. Other than that, this kimono is something you need to have for any occasion!




 Blog by : Dania Badawi 


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