The Kimonos are originally inspired by the Japanese robes, and I believe they are must-have pieces in every closet. Kimonos are the easiest thing to wear and style, they can stay in your closet for years without being bored.

Kimonos can be worn with everything in your closet! I mean it literally, with a white dress, jeans, skirt, leggings or wide cut pants.

They are so easy to style and so comfortable for the movement, you can enjoy the warm summer days with these lightweight fabric kimonos.


For me, as most of the year I’m wearing the abaya, I feel Kimonos are the closest to the abaya style, so I don’t feel a big change when I travel and go for kimono as an option for my outfit.

The good news that Kimonos trend is going to stay for so long time, so don't worry while you are buying them.










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